Why Chose Groody Bros. ???

Why Chose Groody Bros.

  At Groody Brothers Bicycle Restoration Project we are bicycle enthusiasts who understand that a bike is not just a piece of metal, it is personal expression of the owner.

 As powder coat specialists, and bicycle mechanics, we understand how a bike is assembled, and how it needs to be coated. 

What Sets Us Apart

 Most powder coaters are job shops processing whatever comes in the door.  As long as it's made of metal, they'll coat it . A bicycle frame is treated no differently than a truck bumper or piece of lawn furniture.  

We began as bicycle mechanics. We understand how a bike is assembled, and that mechanical tolerances must be respected. Protecting the threaded surfaces, race areas, and seat tube interiors is critical.     

It's In The Details

We view bicycles as functional pieces of  rolling art.  Quality frame builders, past and present, put a tremendous amount of effort into creating these beautiful sculptures.  Details are important.  A lugged steel frame that loses its edge definition due to a coating that is too thick is unacceptable.  Here at Groody Bros. we treat each bike as if it were our own.  No shortcuts, it's right or we do it over.  We stand behind our work and our reputation.

More Than Powder Coating

Do you need your head badge removed and reinstalled?  Don't have the tools to remove the your bottom bracket?  Do you have a vintage frame that fits perfectly but you want to be able to modernize your components?  Perhaps you want a custom two tone color scheme?  Don't bother asking a typical powder coat shop.  They won't be able to help.

Cottered cranks?  Not a problem.  We have a comprehensive collection of tools and techniques to solve  problems that even bike shops can't resolve.

More About Our Services

We also offer a modest array of frame repair or modification services.  A frame with a ding in the top tube is not uncommon.  These can be filled in.

Changing the cable routing to utilize modern components is another common procedure. 

Checking and adjusting frame alignment is also available.

Want your rims to match your frame?  We can disassemble and re-lace your wheels.

What About You?

Our primary goal is to assist you in creating the bike of your dreams, your personal extension of who you are and why you ride.  

Every bike comes with a story.  

  • Perhaps it's a restoration of a family heirloom.  
  • It could be the bike that was your sole source of transportation in high school or college.  
  • A classic bike that you've always dreamed of owning and scored on Ebay.  
  • You would be amazed at how many brand new bikes arrive only because it didn't come in a color that the owner liked.